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Talks from Services at St Mary's

James Pt 4 - Faith and Deeds (download)
Andrew Shaw, 02/08/2020
James Pt 3 - Favouritism Forbidden! (download)
Alex Stevens, 26/07/2020
James Pt 2 - Listeners and Doers (download)
John Baxter, 19/07/2020
James - Introduction and Pt 1, Trials and Temptations (download)
Alex Williams, 12/07/2020
Persevere in Obedience (Jeremiah Pt 4) (download)
George Drewitt, 05/07/2020
Rise Above Discouragement (Jeremiah Pt 3) (download)
Alex Williams, 28/06/2020
Let your hearts be broken (Jeremiah Pt 2) (download)
Alex Williams, 21/06/2020
Jeremiah - Introduction and Chapter 1 (download)
Simon Parnall, 14/06/2020
The trinity - a sermon for Trinity Sunday 2020 (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 07/06/2020
Pentecost Sunday 31 May 2020 (download)
Tomos Davies, 31/05/2020
Ascension Sunday 2020 Sermon 24 May 2020 (download)
Alex Williams, 24/05/2020
Prayer - how to pray (download)
Alastair Watson, 17/05/2020
I Am - The Way (download)
Bishop Jo Wells, 10/05/2020
Prayer and why we do it (download)
Alex Williams, 03/05/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Fasting (download)
Andrew Shaw, 26/04/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Sabbath (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 19/04/2020
Easter Sunday Sermon 2020 (download)
Alex Williams, 12/04/2020
Maundy Thursday 2020 Reflection (download)
Alex Williams, 09/04/2020
Reflection on message of Palm Sunday 2020 (download)
Tomos Davies, 06/04/2020
Palm Sunday 5 April 2020 (download)
Judy Parnall, 05/04/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Neighbouring (download)
Alex Williams, 29/03/2020
Gift of Generosity - Treasure (2) (download)
Judy Parnall, 19/01/2020
Gift of Generosity - Treasure (1) (download)
Judy Southey, 19/01/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Serving (download)
Alex Williams, 22/03/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? The Bible (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 15/03/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Church (download)
Alex Williams, 08/03/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Prayer (download)
Alex Williams, 01/03/2020
The Gift of Generosity: Talents (download)
Alastair Watson, 26/01/2020
The Gift of Generosity: Time (download)
Alex Williams, 12/01/2020
Epiphany: The Wise men worshipped Jesus (download)
Alex Williams, 05/01/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Worship (download)
Simon Parnall, 23/02/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? Hospitality (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 16/02/2020
Why bother with Spiritual Disciplines? - Introduction (download)
Alex Williams, 09/02/2020
Gift of Generosity - Treasure (download)
Alex Williams, 02/02/2020
2020-01-05 Alex Williams.mp3 (download)
Alex Williams, 02/02/2020
Christmas Day Celebration (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 25/12/2019
Christmas Eve Communion Service (download)
Alex Williams, 24/12/2019
Carol Service Sermon (download)
Alex Williams, 15/12/2019
Advent 3 (download)
Sylvie Henze, 15/12/2019
Advent 2 (download)
Alastair Watson, 08/12/2019
Advent 1 (download)
David Wharton, 01/12/2019
Advent 1 (download)
Alex Williams, 01/12/2019
Encounters with Jesus: Zaccheus (download)
Andrew Shaw, 24/11/2019
The Man at the Pool MC@SML! (download)
Sylvia Henze, 17/11/2019
Remembering Loved Ones (download)
Alex Williams, 03/11/2019
Encounters with Jesus: Peter (wider) (download)
Andrew Shaw, 20/10/2019
I am the true Vine (wider) (download)
Alex Williams, 13/10/2019
Harvest (download)
Alex Williams, 06/10/2019
I am the Way (wider & deeper) (download)
Judy and Simon Parnall, 29/09/2019
I am the Resurrection (wider) (download)
Alex Williams, 22/09/2019
I am the Light of the World (MC@SML!) (download)
David Wharton, 15/09/2019
I Am the Bread of Life (deeper) (download)
Alastair Watson, 08/09/2019
I am the Good Shepherd (wider) (download)
Judy Parnall, 01/09/2019
2019-09-01 Alex Williams.mp3 (download)
Alex Williams, 01/09/2019
God's gift of the sabbath (download)
Alex Williams, 25/08/2019
Until it is completed (1-hr service) (download)
Clive McIntyre, 18/08/2019
Unfailing Treasure (download)
Mark Goodman, 11/08/2019
A Christlike community (download)
Simon Parnall, 04/08/2019
Rooted in Christ (1 hour service) (download)
Alex Williams, 28/07/2019
Excuses, Excuses, Choices, Choices (download)
David Wharton, 21/07/2019
Have you heard? (wider) (download)
Sylvia Henze, 14/07/2019
Have you heard? (deeper) (download)
David Kellett, 14/07/2019
Moments of Decision (wider) (download)
Sylvia Henze, 30/06/2019
Clothed in Christ (download)
Alastair Watson, 23/06/2019
Clothed in Christ (download)
Alex Williams, 23/06/2019
Revealing God (download)
Simon Parnall, 16/06/2019
Starting with the Spirit (wider) (download)
Sarah Auger, 09/06/2019
Dramatic Release (wider) (download)
Alastair Watson, 02/06/2019
Dramatic Release (deeper) (download)
Alastair Watson, 02/06/2019
A Certain Woman (wider) (download)
Alex Williams, 26/05/2019
The Good Samaritan (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 19/05/2019
Fish and Forgiveness (wider) (download)
Alastair Watson, 05/05/2019
Fish and Forgiveness (deeper) (download)
Alastair Watson, 05/05/2019
Overcoming Hostility (wider) (download)
Ruth Foxcroft, 28/04/2019
Overcoming Hostility (deeper) (download)
Ruth Foxcroft, 28/04/2019
He is Risen (Easter Day) (download)
Alex Williams, 21/04/2019
Reflections on the Cross (download)
Sylvia Henze, 19/04/2019
Palm Sunday (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 14/04/2019
Palm Sunday (download)
Graeme Lodge, 14/04/2019
A Moment of Extravagance (wider and deeper) (download)
Simon Parnall/Alastair Watson, 07/04/2019
Institution and Induction of Alex Williams as Vicar of the parish (download)
Bishop Andrew, 10/04/2019
Mothering Sunday (download)
Sylvia Henze (wider), 31/03/2019
Mothering Sunday (download)
Mark Goodman, 31/03/2019
Understanding Suffering (download)
David Senior, 24/03/2019
The Lost Coin (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 17/03/2019
Growing Through Lent (wider) (download)
Martin Wainwright, 10/03/2019
Growing Though Lent (deeper) (download)
Martin Wainwright, 10/03/2019
Ash Wednesday (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 06/03/2019
Moving Towards Lent (Transfiguration) (deeper) (download)
David Kellett, 03/03/2019
Dead or Alive? (wider) (download)
Sylvia Henze, 24/02/2019
The Lost Son (MC@SML!) (download)
Jean Watson, 17/02/2019
Hold Firmly to the Message (deeper) (download)
Martin Wainwright, 10/02/2019
Love is.... (deeper) (download)
Alastair Watson, 03/02/2019
One Body, Many Parts (wider) (download)
Sally Thomas, 27/01/2019
Surprising Voices (wider) (download)
Sarah Bottom, 13/01/2019
Surprising Voices (deeper) (download)
Andrew Shaw, 13/01/2019
Breaking the Boundaries! (wider) (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 06/01/2019
Breaking the Boundaries! (deeper) (download)
Alastair Watson, 06/01/2019
Part 2 Christingle - The Christmas Story (download)
Sue Wharton & Fiona Ellingham, 23/12/2018
Christingle - The Christmas Story (download)
Sue Wharton & Fiona Ellingham, 23/12/2018
Why are you searching for me? (All-Age 1 hr service) (download)
David Kellett, 30/12/2018
Spotlight on the Manger (All-Age 1 hr service) (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 25/12/2018
Christmas Eve Communion (download)
Ken Hobbs, 24/12/2018
Call to Action (deeper) (download)
Andrew Shaw, 16/12/2018
Call to Action (wider) (download)
Sylvia Henze, 16/12/2018
Prepare the Way of the Lord (deeper) (download)
Ken Hobbs, 09/12/2018
Call to Wisdom (wider) (download)
Sylvia Henze, 02/12/2018
Call to Wisdom (deeper) (download)
Michael Dunk, 02/12/2018
Through the Looking Glass (wider) (download)
Sally Thomas, 25/11/2018
David and Goliath (wider) (download)
Fiona Ellingham, 18/11/2018