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St Mary's has become messy and now that 'mess' is part of our main Sunday Morning Live! service once a month.

Messy Church 1 Messy Church is a new way of being church for families. We have a great time, making extensive use of crafts, games and drama and stories. It brings together families, releases creativity and enables children to discover Christian values whilst having fun.

Messy Church is an event that aims to do church in a slightly different way to appeal particularly to those who would not normally be part of our Sunday services. It is welcoming all ages to come and celebrate God together offering informality, hospitality and community, and aiming to be a church that is creative and Christ centred.

The pattern for each morning is,
9:45am Gather and maybe have a cup of coffee
10:00am Celebration - the theme for the day is introduced and we hear the Bible story read. We sing, pray and interact with the theme
c. 10:30am Break for refreshments. Activity or story-time for the children 
11:00am Messy stream. Whilst others go elsewhere for a talk or other streams, the stream in church is crafty and messy for all the family
12:00pm We finish our time together with a light lunch

Our next Messy Church at Sunday Morning Live! mornings will be:

May 19th 
July 21st
September 15th

We look forward to seeing you there!

Further Information

For any further details please contact the Church Office