Welcome to St Mary’s. We are a friendly and lively church for all ages, getting to know Jesus better through his Word (the Bible) and his Spirit, together on a Sunday and throughout the week.

Red Stripe
Red Stripe

During the present coronavirus crisis, St Mary’s church building is closed and we cannot therefore offer our usual services.
However, we are preparing materials for people to worship God at home. These will follow our intended service pattern, details of which can be found here.

Most recently, we had the fourth in our sermon series on the Book of James, entitled 'Faith and Deeds'

Previously we have heard:

Part 3: 'Favouritism Forbidden'
Part 2: 'Listeners and Doers'
Introduction and Part 1: 'Trials and Temptations'
The series will run through much of July and August, and details are here.

We will continue to upload sermons, week by week in our ‘Talks at Services’ section on this site.


During the present coronavirus crisis, we sadly have had to suspend our regular meetings and (physical) activities. Once the present situation clears, we will reinstate, and potentially expand on them.

The Vicar's most recent updates are here:

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