What are Streams?

Streams are different ways of going deeper into the theme of the All Age service. Different streams will appeal to people who have different learning preferences. Choose the one that best suits the type of person you are and how you think you might best engage with God.
Talk Stream Small The Talk stream is the closest you’ll get to a traditional sermon, though there may also be a time of Q&A at the end
Kids Stream Small The Mosaic stream is specifically for school years 1-6 to have fun and games, stories and drama, prayer and craft, to find out about who Jesus is and how much He loves us
Active Stream Small
An Active stream recognises that some people learn best by doing things rather than talking about them
Interactive Stream Small
An Interactive stream is for those who learn by discussing, questioning and dialog
Creative Stream Small
Creative stream is for those who express themselves through music, dance, drama, art, flower arranging, etc. 
Reflective Stream Small Reflective stream gives the space to pray, to be still, to listen to God – a rare commodity these days
Discovery Stream Small Discovery stream is for those finding their way in faith to be able to explore in an unthreatening environment
Communion Stream Small The Communion stream spends more time in celebrating Jesus self-sacrifice for us centred around taking Holy Communion