St Mary's, Brighton Road, Burgh Heath, Surrey KT20 6AW

St Marys Burgh HeathSt Mary's Burgh Heath is an Edwardian stone building located on the crest of a hill on the southbound carriageway of the A217, just as you enter Burgh Heath. From the northbound carriageway the church is on the right just passed the Shell garage on your left. Take a U-turn 100 yards beyond the church and come back on the southbound carriageway.


There is parking available on site. It is also possible to park in roads around the back of the church accessed through Canons Lane, but please be considerate of our neighbours if using this space.

The Meeting Place, 18 The Parade, Brighton Road, Burgh Heath, Surrey KT20 6BY

Meeting PlaceThe Meeting Place is the first shop in The Parade, nearest to the church building and on the same side of the road.


Users of The Meeting Place may park at St Mary's Church.