Other talks and resources

St Mary's hosts a range of events in addition to Sunday Morning Live!. These include our annual away day, vision conference and meetings with mission partners. Some of the talks given at these events can be downloaded below. 
Life Together, 19th October 2016
Presentations given at Life Together. The Diocesan video can be viewed at
Ian Hughes and Ron Goldby, 19/10/2016
Vision Evening 2015 - Governance
Looking Back, Looking Forwards - Governance
Ian Hughes, 21/01/2015
Vision Evening 2015 - Mission Partnership
Looking Back, Looking Forwards - Mission Partnership
Alastair Watson, 21/01/2015
Vision Evening 2015 - Finance
Looking Back, Looking Forwards - Finances
Ian Hughes, 21/01/2015
Vision Evening 2015 - Keep on Growing
Looking Back, Looking Forwards - Keep on Growing
Ian Hughes, 21/01/2015